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Wenus and Mars

Implementation and development of Wenus and Mars systems. These are the key system of a bank supporting the handling of credit processes. Wenus automates the tasks carried out in the process of handling a request for a loan, while Mars identifies and monitors all risks connected with credit products. These solutions have undergone a fundamental rebuilding of their user interfaces, which has made working with them even simpler and more ergonomic.

ING Cards Online

Implementation of the Cards Online application – a dedicated solution for users of corporate payment cards. The system increases the security of using cards by enabling quick transaction verification. It provides bank customers with access to key data regarding their cards, transactions, billing and limits, as well as allows for card management (e.g. changing the PIN or cancelling the card). The solution also allows for generating and sending transaction summaries on a regular basis and on demand.

BIK Data

A portal presenting necessary information to senior management of institutions collaborating with the BIK. The data are presented in the form of clear visualizations, reports and indicators. The manager’s dashboard also offers an alert functionality for informing about exceeded values of selected indicators, as well as notifications (news) from the BIK. The application is available on mobile devices – tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android.

CA Navigator

A unique solution on the market, based on research into customer needs, which helps to suggest appropriate financial products and running simulations. CA Navigator allows for saving selected simulations and continuing the process in any channel and from any device. Thanks to the RWD technology employed, both customers and advisors can use it on their PCs and laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones.

Notification Server (push gateway) is a solution that supports Bank Zachodni WBK in handling PUSH communication directed to the users of mobile banking services. The solution was developed to help deliver a wide variety of notifications for devices running iOS and Android, regarding both marketing communication, as well as information regarding transactions (BLIK and mobile authorization).

A solution for tablets for surveying the behavioural profile of a customer in order to ensure tailored service and financial products best suited to their needs. After filling in a survey, the customer receives information about themselves, while the advisor additionally learns what product category they should offer to their customer.

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