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The RoboWealth platform is a true breakthrough in the industry,
allowing your customers to invest their money instead of their
time, and making capital the only prerequisite for investing.

Investing made clear and easy for every customer

RoboWealth is a platform that encompasses everything that is best about FinTech.
With our platform your customers can effectively grow their capital with minimal
effort on your part. You simply provide them with ready-to-use investment products,
while they ensure you a new source of revenue.

Flexible plug-in solution

RoboWealth is a solution made to be ready for quick implementation at your bank. It will be
implemented between the electronic banking system and the brokerage system. If you do not
have access to foreign markets, we will enable integration with an appropriate broker.

Electronic banking system

RoboWealth platform


How does RoboWealth work?

Customer situation analysis

The customer uses a simple wizard which allows you to learn their investment needs.
User-friendly communication, free of industry jargon, entices them to take advantage of the offer.

Strategy proposition

The data you collect enable you to develop a clear and understandable individual investment strategy for
your customer. You do not have to develop it from scratch, as it is based on our algorithms.

Strategy adjustment

The customer makes the final decision regarding their investment strategy.
You involve them in the process using simple tools.

Automatic strategy implementation

The chosen strategy is implemented immediately and constantly monitored,
while the portfolios are updated on a regular basis.

We know how important time is for you and your customers,
which is why we automate and simplify the complex investing
process. Thanks to our breakthrough technology, every affluent
customer can easily navigate in the complex world of personal

Thanks to RoboWealth

  • You will offer your customers a clear
    and understandable approach to investing

  • You will grow your customer base
    who invest their savings

  • You will activate the deposits of affluent customers

  • You will gain another source of revenue

  • You will build the image of a FinTech company – a modern organization offering breakthrough solutions

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Tomasz Kowalczyk

Tomasz KowalczykGeneral Manager - Robotic Investment Solutions

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