Get new customers and provide them with
the best customer service.

A prospective customer
will become your customer

A clear offer suited to your customers’ needs builds their trust. They can also save
it and return to it via any channel – online, branch, contact centre or virtual branch.
Thanks to a cohesive platform, you can successfully win over customers
and maintain control over the entire onboarding process.

Control the customer
acquisition process, learn
their needs and offer the best.


Based on the objectives and needs entered, the solution will choose the best financial products tailored to your customer’s situation


The module enables the user to perform and compare simulation results and make a final choice regarding selecting a product


Encourages contact and cooperation thanks to a zone entered by logging in. Your prospective customer will have access to their own simulations, questionnaires and information about promotional products.

a meeting

A quick and convenient way for your customers to contact you by arranging a meeting with an advisor at any branch

See how Onboarding
works in practice...

Needs questionnaire

You learn about your prospective customer and offer them exactly what they expect.
A quick and simple survey of the customer’s needs with the possibility to use a survey
configurator and save the results under any login or to a prospective account.

Product simulations

Thanks to innovative tools, you gain the trust of your prospective customer. Performing product
simulations with a way to save them not only gives your customer access to the full scope of information
about your offer, but also makes for a perfect opportunity to offer new complimentary products.

Prospective account

You make a customer-friendly self-service zone for your prospective customer. It is a convenient place for storing
all the simulations and questionnaires saved earlier. It facilitates contact and arranging a meeting with an advisor
via any channel. It also makes for an ideal space for presenting new offers to your customer.

Arranging meetings

Omnichannel Onboarding enables the customer to arrange meetings with advisors in any location
at a convenient time. The feature of sharing conversation topics will ensure that the advisor will always
be fully prepared. Thanks to SMS and e-mail notifications, you can confirm or cancel the meeting.

Every customer is different. Regardless of
whether they start with product simulations
or a visit to your branch, with our solution
you will be ready for all scenarios.

Onboarding – an advantage
from the start

  • You tailor your offer
    to the customer’s needs

  • You improve lead
    conversion and sales

  • You ensure a cohesive
    Customer Experience

  • You facilitate and speed up
    the customer’s decision process

  • You control the onboarding process
    in all communication channels

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Remigiusz Wrażeń

Remigiusz WrażeńInternational Sales Director 

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