Mobile and Online Banking...

Let your customers have constant access to their banking services and build lasting relationships with them.
Transactions, operations and marketing brought together in a single cohesive solution.

Be mobile like
your customers

Are your customers becoming increasingly digital? With an innovative application, you will provide customer service on
a whole new level, while also being able to research habits. Thanks to that, your offer will respond to the current needs
and predict the future expectations of your customers.

Quick, simple and intuitive

Banking can be made even more convenient thanks to a virtual assistant, which combines the benefits of customer service at a bricks and mortar branch with the convenience provided by mobile banking. With only a few clicks or taps your customers will be able to settle payments for their friends, manage their household budget and grow accustomed to your bank.

Five-star banking

The majority of your customers use mobile and on-line banking. Some of them
do it several times a day, which is why our banking services were designed in
accordance with the best practices in the field of User Experience.


A smart point of contact with the Bank and an individual financial advisor. Advanced algorithms support the customer in the decision-making process by analyzing their finances and recommending the best offers.


It does not limit searching to just phrases or text. It can additionally suggest available actions and analyses on the basis of previously searched information, learning the customer's habits and behaviours.


It allows you to manage the entire process of scheduling payments in clear and straightforward views. What if a date or the amount changes? Don't worry – the assistant will quickly adapt to the new conditions.


An advisor who will analyze your finances, suggest solutions, and help you with saving and investing the money you already have. Your customers will additionally get a savings plan according to their needs and capabilities.

We ensure the highest security standards

Innovative channels require world-class security and privacy standards
for your data. We make sure that every contact between the customer and the bank
is 100% secure.


Authentication based
on specific features
and characteristics


using codes

Masked password

One of the
most secure
login methods

Encrypted connections

Total security
of transactions
and communication

Next generation

  • Convenience above all. Every pixel, button and algorithm work to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Innovative tools, like voice biometrics or logging in using a fingerprint

  • Banking adapted to everyday needs, such as lack of cash or splitting a bill

  • Cutting-edge and intuitive

  • Banking that becomes a pleasure

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Remigiusz Wrażeń

Remigiusz Wrażeń International Sales Director

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