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Learn your customers’ needs and
reach them with individual offers

Discover LeadBase and increase the reach of your marketing message

LeadBase is a Marketing Automation-class system developed with the financial sector in mind, based on Big Data analysis methodologies. It enables conducting multi-channel marketing and sales campaigns aimed both at prospective, as well as current customers.

LeadBase leads to effective sales thanks to multi-channel marketing activities


Monitoring of user
behaviours and operations
at the bank’s website


Statistical analysis of customer
behaviours, profiling, analytical
models, recommendations,
behavioural segmentation


Personalized marketing
multi-channel campaigns


Automatic lead selection
and qualification, assessment
of the likelihood of a sale and
selection of an optimal service channel

How does LeadBase work?


You know what your customer is doing

LeadBase collects, unifies and analyses data about customers’ behaviours from
all sources: information portals, web applications, transaction systems, social
networks and traditional channels.


Learn more about your customer

Based on a holistic view of overall customer behaviours and operations in
all available communication channels, LeadBase analyzes the customer
and suggests the optimal way and content of personalized communication.

Analytical models

Predict customer behaviour

The customer analysis process is based on referential analytical models
dedicated for the financial sector, allowing for calculating the probability
of desired customer’s actions occurring on the basis of collected facts.

Multi-channel marketing communication

Follow your customer

LeadBase gathers marketing tools in a number of channels in order to be able
to send personalized marketing communication to the customer.

Sales management

Shorten your customer’s way to the offer

LeadBase allows you to point a convinced customer to an appropriate sales
channel, minimizing the time and cost of transaction service.

Our solution increases the probability of an
anonymous Internet user becoming your customer.

With LeadBase, you get...

  • New leads every day.

    The system efficiently catches new Internet users interested in your offer.

  • Better knowledge about your customer.

    Behavioural analysis of your customer provides a full picture of their needs and expectations.

  • Practical tips.

    You get the on-line behavioural models and techniques.

  • Flexible selection of communication channels.

    You will easily lead your customer from one medium to another, where the sale takes place.

  • Convenient campaign management.

    The system will allow you to conveniently manage multi-channel campaigns.

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