LiveBranch – a virtual branch...

Offer your customers an innovative experience
and get a revolutionary sales tool.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

LiveBranch enables the customers to contact your company at their convenience using
video and audio calls, as well as chat. It is available in browsers and on mobile devices.
It provides full support for the customer at every stage of the sales process. LiveBranch
brings customer service to a whole new level and replaces visits to a bricks and mortar branch.

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LiveBranch –
Efficient service

  • Active Engagement

    Actively advise and acquire new customers.

  • Virtual meeting

    Plan a meeting or advise your customer on demand.

  • Online legitimation

    Remote authentication, without the need for the customer to come to a branch.

  • Interactive service

    Fully interactive service via remote contact based
    on doing operations together.

  • Group work

    Working on files, file sharing, screen
    sharing, 2+1 connections.

Get even closer to your customers

A universal virtual branch allows you to efficiently serve your
customers in various industries. It is a perfect solution for places
where efficient customer service is a key to success.

  • Banks

  • Leasing

  • Insurance

Convenient banking

With LiveBranch you will be able to offer your customers a wide variety of products, even those that require multiple meetings and high-quality advice. You will be able to maintain high levels of trust thanks to personal face-to-face service, just like in a bricks and mortar branch.

Revolution in leasing

Fully automated communication, both for the customers and employees of your leasing company. LiveBranch enables you to sell products and leasing services, and also supports customer service processes in the electronic channel.

Breakthrough in the insurance industry

Thanks to LiveBranch you will be able to serve your customer
in a comprehensive manner. Starting from full support in the
form of interactive presentations during the sale, through
support during filling in the application, to remote customer
service, even in the case of making a claim.

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Anna Pietroń

Anna PietrońDivision Director

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